wr450 skid plate

I was changing the oil on my wr450 tonight and I noticed a pretty good ding in the frame right next to where the wimpy skid plate ends. I'm thinking I better get a real skid plate before it is to late. Who's got the best skid plate? I looked at the BRP plate at offroad.com and it looks pretty good. I'd love to hear what people are happy with.

Moose is pretty good.

duval,good coverage

MSR is super stout with excellent coverage.

I have the duval - good coverage on ign side but nothing on water pump side. I left the factory guard on that side. Look for one with guards on both sides.


This skidplate from Devol is one of my favorite aftermarket purchases for my WR. My last two WR's I've owned the Moose skidplates... They worked great!! The only problem with them is that they're almost too thick and the hardware that comes with it are those heavy steal half-moon brackets.. Put all that together and it makes for a heavy skidplate.. I think for most of you it might be overkill..

This Devol unit is lightweight and uses the stock mounting holes and mounts with no extra steal hardware.. My father and I both have one and they do a great job... For some reason my guard only came with one wing and my fathers has wings on both sides.... :) Maybe they've re-engineered the design to have both wings.... They're cheap too....

Carbon Fiber!!! E-line or I can send you a price list for a differant type that is high quality. Im biased though since Im addicted to Carbon Fiber. :):D :D

I use the Moose, it also doubles as a frying pan on camping trips.

I got the BRP and couldn't be happier with it. It fits great, looks great, and takes a hell of a beating without showing any signs of damage. I would reccomend it to anyone. :)

I'm using the Devol and think it's great. Mine has wings on both sides so the water pump is protected. :)

My vote is for Flatland Racing. Very thick good coverage and uses stock holes. :)

I have the Utah Cycle Sport Skid plate and it protects quite well. I had one on my WR 400 also and never had any complaints.


hmmmmmmm sounds like their all good, just get one! :)

Sounds like Devol is a good one. So it the Moose, Flatland Racing and Utah Cycles. Which one of these is the easiest to mount, fits the best, and fits over the stock guards? And where to get the best deal on one of these? I need to get one soon.

I went ahead and ordered mine from www.flatlandracing.com. I called them with no aswer. Then they called me back. Great service. They also gave me $10.00 off for being a Thumpertalk member. :) It should be here sometime next week. I am looking forward to trying it out. It does not have the "J" hooks, just bolts on in 4 places. Which sounds great to me.

Good choice. Flatland racing makes a great product and they have great customer service. :)

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