California plated, 2003 WR450

So I got a 2003 Nevada plated WR 450 last week. I Took it to California highway patrol today to have a friend of mine do the inspection on it. I went from there to DMV to register it. They informed me that the computer would not let them register it street legal because it is not California smog complient. They said there is a number in the vin that designates it as non compliant. They were very helpful and said that the only thing they could think of, would be if it had a California smog complient sticker on they could send it in for an override and hope for the best. Though they said they have never seen it done. I told them to hold off while I decide what I want to do. I've known people to plate these in CA but I'm guessing that they are green sticker years. Does anybody know what years were green and which were red? I thought about swapping out the frame, or try to register it in Nevada.

I believe the 06 is green as I was doing research . I'm going to street plate mine and they don't even need to see the bike, they trust I do the dual sport kit.

I believe 03 & 04 were red. Even if you swap out the frame for a green sticker frame, you won't be able to convert it.

SoCA is correct, the only way to reframe it and get a tag would be to get a 05 or newer frame and title it under that VIN, basically making it an '05 model you stuck your '03 parts on. Unfortunately that will be a lot of work and trouble, for less work, time and money you could sell the '03 and get an '05 or newer bike.

As for registering it in Nevada I'd check on laws regarding out of state vehicles on OHV areas. I have no solid basis for this but have read many reports about all manner of things to include out of state lawnmowers causing trouble with the local EPA.

well I registered it in Nevada today. Soooo much easier to deal with than California. I`ll let you know if i run into any problems.

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