2006 wr450f trade - should i do it?

thanks alot i appreciate it. i'm most likely going to remove the throttle stop soon, remove the airbox snorkel, and remove the grey wire for best performance...but once this is done will I also have to rejet? and i guess if I do, the jets would be the ones from the ais kit? so i would have to buy that? i just did alot of research and some people say it will run too lean after these mods, and others say it might be ok, but the bike will just get hotter. and by removing the airbox snorkel, does that include cutting the circular holes in the airbox like I read somewhere? any other mods that i should do at the same time?

thanks alot

If you make it breathe better you will 95% of the time have to jet up. I don't like my stuff running lean or hot. I would remove the snorkel in the top of the air box if it's still there and not the cut outs on the side. I only noticed more noise and more crap in the air box with the sides cut out. Is the exhaust restricted still? (pea sized restricter riveted in the tail pipe) and the stock throttle stop? it would barely open the throttle. I think the Yamaha ais removal kit includes the yz throttle stop screw, yz needle, 165? main jet, 48? pilot jet. I am not sure about the grey wire mod, have heard mixed results.

ok cool, yea i read the stickies and this is what I'm thinking. I do the throttle stop mod (and apparently I can just cut the screw so its a free mod?), cut the grey wire for more top speed (since i'm mostly riding on fire roads), and remove the snorkel fromt he airbox, and then rejet by buying a 168 main, 48 pilot, 70 starter, and 40 leak jets. And someone mentioned I should also buy an ajustable fuel mixture screw at the same time? Not exactly sure how that is done. Oh and I have an aftermarket pipe already (slip on). So for these three mods and the rejetting, I only have to purchase the 4 jets from a yamaha dealer and possibly an adjustable fuel mix screw? (zip tie or something?) And then I wouldnt need the ais removal kit. I was thinking I could keep the stock needle instead of putting a jd red or blue in at the time of jetting?


I read somewhere the ais might cause back fireing. not sure what jets to start with it would be a good idea to know whats in it. The aftermarket fuel screw is nice cause you can adjust it easy. If the needle is adjustable you probably don't need a jd one. I'm still dialing in my carb and am no expert at it.

the shop that juist serviced it put a 50 pilot jet in it (stock is 45 i believe?) other than that, i think they are stock (although i'm not sure what previous owners did)

I also am going to check to see if a previous owner removed the throttle stop, grey wire, or snorkel. How hard is it to see if the throttle stop was removed? Because the throttle seems to twist pretty far, but i already topped the bike out and it only seemed to be going around 70 or so. (although i didnt measure it - maybe i'm just a speed freak and thought i was going slower then I was)

And if the throttle stop has been removed, but the grey wire has not, will i get even more top speed by removing the grey wire?


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