2001 YZ 426 jetting help

bike fires up fairly easily(i can get it going in a couple of hard kicks) has good snap, but pops alot and the idle hangs when I let off the throttle. i put all jetting back to stock because the previous owner rode in colorado(much higher than phoenix) header glows crazy red(probably not a big deal) i just installed an R&D powerbowl 2 with the new AP linkage spring and a full carb rebuild. ap squirt is good, adjustable leak jet set to about 55, just want to get rid of this pop/backfire.

thanks for any help

Check out it "carburetor" section in this thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=447989

Read "Backfire on Decel", "how to adjust the pilot", and "How to confirm the pilot setting". Your symptoms indicate lean idle and possibly tight intake valves.

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