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300exc Supermoto tuning help. Need more top end

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Whats up guys, Im the new guy. Been lurking around for a while and gathering alot of info over the past few years. Awesome forum :thumbsup:cant believe it took me this long to actually join. Anyways...

I recently sold my Aprilia Sxv550 supermoto. The bike was an absolute animal.. when it was running right. Damn italians. lol. When i sold it i had plans of building a big 2t sumo bike. Somethin that would be comparable powerwise to the Ape. A Cr500af or maybe a old ktm 550.

However, i came across a deal on a 2000 300exc that i couldnt pass up. The PO had already started converting it to sumo trim, but it still has a ways to go. The bike is all stock with exception of 525 hubs laced with 17" exel rims with a cush drive hub out back. Other than some suspension issues and some other little things i like the bike and its gonna be fun. The power isnt all that bad. Its fun in the bottom and midrange of the first 3 gears. carring the front in all 3. But when i get into 4th and 5th its like it falls on its face. And the power falls off really fast in the upper rpms. I know these bike dont like to rev, (or so ive heard) so what do i need to do to get more top end? Not speed its geared really tall right now for the street, which may explain why 4th and 5th are gutless. Still im wanting a good mid range that really comes on up top. The hit can be hard as the street gearing will tame it down alot.

-Im assuming a good pipe would be a start? which one for top end curve?

-if i switch to the sx flywheel and ignition will i loose too much of the torque it has to pull my fat ass around?

-Headwork and/or cylinder porting?

Sorry for the long first post guys. Thanks in advance for all the help.

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