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450 XC Tear Down

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Hi guys (& gals)

This is my first post on Thumper Talk in reguards to my new to me 06 KTM 450.:smirk:

I have the bike completely torn apart and I'm ready to tear into this thing!

The bike felt slugish and backfired a lot on decel so i have purchased a JD jetting kit for it and plan on repacking the exhaust. Also, the "magic button" would not start the motor but it would fire right up with one or two kicks. I found a thread about removing the torque limiter and tightining it a bit as a fix for that. I plan on trying that as well as valves and normal maintenance but are there other things I should plan on doing or checking while i have the bike apart?

Also this may seem like a dumb question but how do i know if i have a 450 xc-f or a 450 xc-w?

Thanks for all the help

I plan to post pics and updates on my progress....

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call a local dearler to have them run a vin on your motor it should be on the left lower case. that will tell you on a xcfw its a xcf or xcfw the f means 4 stroke. xcw and xc are 2 strokes.... and x and xw mean one stroke.....just playing haha but heres something...is your first gear really torquey and you click out of it within a couple seconds compared to like a motocross bike? if so it more then likely is a xcw the w is wide ratio...the 1st is short and the resto fthe gears are really long.

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