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Dr. Mark Advice / Opinion Needed

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Dr Mark,

I broke my scaphoid on my left wrist on 11/09. I was in a hard cast until last week and I got an EXOS soft cast/ brace. The fracture had healed, just not fully. Looked healed to me, but just a faint darkish line on the Xray.

I am wearing this new EXOS cast but was wondering if I can/ should take it off to sleep.

Do you have any thoughts on this type cast? Its pretty cool I can shower in it and stuff, but it is more uncomfortable than the traditional cast.

I think there is so much adjustment in it, it is just hard to get it right.

The one thing I notice is that when I do take it off, the entire area is extremely stiff. Cant hardly touch thumb and pinky together.

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If its is not healed, you need to have it operated on. If it never heals, arthritis is a certainty.

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