No spray from Accel. Pump

so started fiddling with my new toy today and figured I'd take off the air boot and see what the AP was doing. fuel on, cracked the throttle and didn't see anything at all. Is the jet the little brass tip sticking up right in front of the slide? if so it didn't do anything. tried it many times. where should I start?

How old is the bike?

If its an old 400 the push rod is probably stuck from dirt, and/or the plastic arm that pushes the rod got a "long" hole in it...

its a 2000, and apparently the carb was serviced by yamaha 2 or 3 years ago when the PO bought it (he showed me receipts, also did fork seals). it bogs if I don't roll the throttle on fairly slowly which is why i checked it. so I should probably just tear into it and clean the sucker huh? look for worn/stuck/damaged parts? I could at least check the diaphragm with the carb in place right?

did a deep cleaning on the carb today. found a plug passage in the AP cover. also found out the jetting has been changed. its running much better now though. way less bog. did the O-ring mod and that made it even better. still a slight bog if you really jam on it from a little above idle but probably never happen under normal riding. still gonna check the spray timing tomorrow and fiddle with it a little more.

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