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Florida Six12sports Suspension!

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I've got to give props to Ronnie at Six12sports. A few weeks ago I contacted him about doing my suspension.

My front end on my 300 was like a pogo stick, and the rear not much better.

I had been trying to get my suspension done for a few weeks prior to someone recommending him. Funny because today one of those people called me back (4 weeks later). Ronnie took the time to answer all my questions, and responded to emails and texts within minutes. I had to head out of the country over the holidays, and he took care of my baby. Sunday I picked her back up and wow what a difference. I was in a hurry to meet Team Wanker at DFA so I didn't have a chance to go over the setup with Ronnie. Yesterday I contacted him, and asked him to make some changes. Today I headed over and went over the setup, and not once did he question me. He said it would be taken care of, and I'm sure it will be.

You can be the best suspension guy in the world, but if you don't return calls or emails in my mind you suck. Ronnie not only took the time to answer all my questions he flat out has made my bike handle a 100% better. More importantly his prices were more than fair.

I'll be the first to rip someone a new arse when they screw me over. This guy knows his stuff, and treats his customers right. Two thumbs up to a homeboy that deserves it.:bonk::smirk:


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