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1984 cr80r 'rat chewed' piston - bottom end?!

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I have an '84 cr 80 that stopped running due to low compression. I pulled the top end off and the cylinder looks good but the piston crown and cylinder head are badly beaten from a piece of engine debris. No parts of the piston, rings, locating pins etc were missing, so I suspect something from the bottom end has come up. The bottom end is a little growly when spinning the crank by hand.

I have found a piston kit for $45, but I can't find a bottom end for this year unfortunately. I suspect the bearings themselves will be available but I doubt all the gaskets and seals will be.

Will the life expectancy of a new top end without a bottom end be very short?

Can I do the bottom end without all the paper gaskets, just using liquid sealer instead? Will this mess with any of the dimensions of the parts in the engine?

I presume if I find the bearings I can find a shop to press the crank together for a good price.

Any insights appreciated.

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Don't put a new piston in it until the bottom end damage is fixed. With the exception of the rod, all the bottom end parts you need to rebuild it are still available from Honda.

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