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I found a set of forks i think from a 76 rm 125 there thinner wall and will take the larger springs and emulator and there still 35 mm .i cut the forward axle mounts off and am welding a plug in the bottom so i can run an axle through the leg with out those suzuki clamps .The tubes have frictionless top bushings and should help stiction .the damper rods are steel and larger diameter so i will feel safer drilling the larger holes in the rods for compressuion dampning plus im going to have more fork engagement.the tubes are relived in the bearing surface for even less stiction.im looking @ around 5 pounds less weight also.i also found some tripple clamps with !1" less off set im hoping that it will quiken the steering a bit as i had added a 2.5" longer swing arm which was huge for stabillity on that bike .i also have the salvage yard looking for a more curent ignition system with a better curve .the old tm was working pretty good and on a smoother mx track i was beating up on some modern bikes .

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