99 Yz400f Gearig Advice

Guys I just pick up this bike and it has 14t up front and 51t in the rear

since its 20 dgrees right now all i did was run it up and down the street to see if the clutch and gears all worked and if it ran ok. im putting a new chain and sprockets on it and need to know what gears you think i need. 95% trail riding and im 250#with gear on.

No fWW as of now. Im wanna wait and see.


I have a 2000 yz426f I run 14 and 47. 205+ with gear. I like the taller gearing, gives me a little more legs on the wide open roads, without taking away that wheel lifting power. :smirk:

would stock 14t 49t be a good all around gearing choice?

after a little research i think im keepiing the 14t and 51t set up for the woods

what's your opinion?

It all comes down to preference, I have run 14/46 up to 14/51. the 14/51 is great on rough tight woods, slows first gear down, but loose quite a bit of top end and revs out quick. I found 14/47 to be the best of both worlds for me, since I ride anything from track to tight trails, dunes and fire roads. I would like to find a WR gear set but they are pricey and used are very hard to come by.

i might try 14t 49t not sure though

ricks426 your not kidding about wr 400/426 gears being tough to find.

Popular mod...I chewed up 2nd and 4th gear this summer...was hoping to find a used WR set for a reasonable price. Could not find any, and to replace all the gears and shafts new costs around the $500- $700 range. Didn't want to spend that on the old iron horse.

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