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Cracking fuel tanks

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Both my stock '06 XR650R and '01XR400R fuels tanks developed cracks. The 400 was somewhat induced by clipping a tree in the woods; but it wasn't that hard of a hit. The XR650R just cracked sitting in the garage. Neither have been overly exposed to direct sunlight. Both are ridden in the woods where there is plenty of shade. The garage is an attached, enclosed garage that doesn't get over 85 degrees in the summer. I wash both with a car wash that has wax in it and put a coat of Turtle wax on them about 3 - 4 times a year. I have (4) CR500s; one from '87 that none of them have had this problem and they are stored in the same garage as well as washed the same way. Could it be something to do with the ethanol being put in gas? I replaced the 400's tank and now have to replace the 650R. This last weekend in the forest, it fell over and when I picked it up, the tank was cracked all the way through like a cheap plastic cup. I bought the 650R new off of the showroom floor in '06 so I know it wasn't something done by the previous owner. Anyone else have these kind of problems?

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