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Prime oil pump after service?

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Just been chatting to some old hands about servicing KTM's with the dual filters and their need for the filter housing to be pre-filled.

A suggestion given for all oil changes was to turn the engine over on the starter motor (with kill switch on) to allow the pump to prime the system.

I suppose this would give it the opportunity to fill the filter housing and bleed the oil ways before you fire the engine. You could even turn it without the spark plug in as that would be easier on the battery & starter motor. I always take the plug out on a service so I'd be no extra work...

Also would this be good idea if the bike has been stood for any length of time?

Not taking the plug out but maybe spinning the engine over for few turns just to get the oil moving?

Cheers, Rich.

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No need, Fresh DRZ motor when built correctly has some oil used upon assembly in the last few hours to days.. or assembly lube if it is to be stored for a bit before start up... Oil is filling the filter housing on the first few revs.. and you have oil moving to the valve train in a second or so.. seen it happen more then once on a fresh build.

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