Loose Kick lever

Hi guys,

Very new to the dirt bike scene and bought myself a 1999 wr400.

Lovely bike and running well just a few maintenance bits to do before I get it out.

My only concern is that there’s a lot of wear on the rear brake lever/kick lever where they're rubbing together because the kick lever is very loose. Is there an easy fix to stop this? Or is it a new arm?

Many thanks!

Sounds like a new kicker required. Check the splines when you pull it off. Make sure the shaft is free from any alloy debris or the new one won't last either. Torque it all up and use a little med strength loctite on the bolt.

Mine had a bit of play in it as well. I just picked up a new lever from the local MX store and replaced it. took five minutes. Keep the old lever on hand for those emergency issues. I know all too well that one little broken lever (clutch in my case) can cut a day way short.

Thanks guys! Will have to consider it.

try this first

take the screw out and pull the lever from the knuckle

clean out all the crap. Take the little spring and ball out too. You can get a new spring at the Home Center. I bought an assortment package of them. Regrease everything,stick the spring and ball back in the little hole and push the kicker down over it. Becareful not to let the little ball shoot across the garage or even worse back at your face if it slips around your finger.

I have save many kickers just spending a few minutes on them. The added pressure of the new spring may work enough to keep the kicker in and from bouncing around.

If not I think I have a 426 and a 450 kicker in the garage somewhere

+1 what max power said, however you can also hyper-extend your stock spring to get a little extra mileage out of it.

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