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Don't upgrade!

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My PC is not the most modern. I have been asked to try the newer Google Chrome format as my gmail account was not "up to standard".

I did this and have now lost ALL MY FAVOURITE SITES.

I now have to google absolutely everything, no more drop dowm menus where all my sites were. Every bike site, parts dealer, everything is gone.

Don't they understand people want consistency with these things. I now hate computers vehemently.

Stuff it...goodbye!



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I have now just had to reset all my usernames and passwords, after getting to each forum via google. What a flamin' hassle.

Never again will I update.....Pfffttt......!!

I have no idea anymore. I got a new phone yesty....today I have managed to make one call. Still cannot text yet. Took me 2 hours to figure out how to remove the simcard that was put in in seconds. I have spent at least 3 hours retrieving my old contacts and re-entering them. My old phone had way more features and was infinateley more user friendly, this new jigger seems years behind, doesn't even have voice command...but it has better reception because it picks up the new generation towers. My last leg of my tour is now only a slim chance of a resumption. I have lost the entire last 12 hours to "New Technology"

Remember the old saying..."When onna good thing, stick to it". Trouble is, there's no money in that these days. Why do we HAVE to have the next best thing, when clearly it is not a patch on the previous system.

New generation people are so smart. Great...I'm not!

Now, if I can just get back to my gmail account somehow.....think I have to re=google that and use the password thing each time too......



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