11' 450 Gearing for fast off road racing

Hi all

I am currently running stock front sprocket and a 50 rear,

In the last couple of races I did I needed a 6th gear !

So I need more top speed, should I go to a smaller rear (48) or a bigger front by 1 tooth ?

I dont want a really tall 1st but i need some more speed and a Wr gearbox conversion is out of my budget right now

Anyone race off road/desert with their 450 and changed the gearing ?

Anything you would consider doing concerning final gearing, to increase your top speed, will raise the entire gearbox, including low gear...For about 250$ (parts only) you can drop in a WR 4th gear (11% taller than stock) and WR 5th gear (17% taller than stock) Yamaha should have done this for any bike that will not be used in a Super Cross application...

Thanks eazrider, I will look into it, my local Yamaha dealer wants to charge $1000 which I think is crazy

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