Where I can get a '04 yz450 3.3gal Tank?

Anybody know where i can get a 3.3 gal or bigger desert tank for my 2004 yz450. i checked JustGasTanks.com, but they don't have anything... any suggestions?

IMS, Acerbis, and Clarke makes a tank of about 3.1 gallons for your bike. ZipTy sells one that is basically the IMS tank expanded a tad to 3.3 gallons. Acerbis also makes a 6.6 gallon monster that replaces the radiator shrouds too.

Check out Rockymountainatv.com or your local dealer with Tucker Rocky, Parts Unlimited, or Western Powersports catalog.

You can contact IMS or Clarke directly too.

www.justgastanks.com has IMS and clarke (2.8 gal) and several color options if thats needed.

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