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XT350 Oil Filter

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Stock is metal mesh, I see most aftermarkets are paper element.

Great that the stock is washable, but if the paper element filters better, I'm fine with shelling out $7 every time I change it.

I see that a lot of folks change the oil in their XT's very frequently. Do most change the filter with every oil change?

I have a 2000 XT350 with 2000 miles, that I recently bought with 1700.

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I guess some of it depends on how you ride .

I ride pretty much the full range from granny through the rough stuff to ride it like I stole it , when conditions allow . I run regular old dino oil because I'm not always close to synthetic sources . I run the OEM screen filter . If it was good enough for Yamaha to include as OEM recommended equipment for 15 years , it's good enough for me . And , I like the fact that you don't have to buy and keep filters 'in stock' . As for frequency , I change oil every 1000 miles or sooner if I think I may be somewhere that's not 'oil change convenient' . I check the drain pan for anything that shouldn't be there every change . It's kinda like reading tea leaves as the condition of the oil and what ends in the drain pan tell a pretty good story of what's going on inside the motor .

I check and clean the 'sump strainer' ( the screen accessible from under the motor ) every other ( every 2nd ) change .

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