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Pros and cons of a 2008 KLX 450r

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I ride a CRF250X and am looking for more low end power to be able to tractor up rocky stuff better. Have considered a KTM but haven't found what I want for sale yet, so am branching out my search and found the above bike for sale.

What are the best years for a KLX and what problems should I be on the lookout for? I am not ready to go fuel injected.

In addition to power, I'm looking for a bike with lights and something I could throw a horn and mirror on to make street legal so we can get from one trailhead to the next. Is a KLX 450r the best Kawi for my desires.

Thanks for any help!

Edit - oops...wrong forum! Can someone please move this to the 450r forum? Thanks.

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If your looking for one. My brother has one for sale. Hardly ridden. Less than 500 miles on it. super good condition. I think he asking around $4500.00

Located near Hutchinson Ks.


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