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2003 XR80 Piston Rings in what order??

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I just got a new top end for my 2003 XR80 and dont have a manual i have two matching silver rings and two matching rings one silver one black can someone point me in which spot the rings go in and do they have to be in a certain spot while putting the cylinder on? Im used to doing two strokes with the pin in the pistons thanks a online manual would also help! THANKS!:smirk:

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Most of this is stolen directly from the fsm;

Check ring gap first.

Push the rings into the cylinder with the top of the piston to be sure they are squarely in the cylinder.

Insert the piston ring squarely into the bottom of

the cylinder and measure the ring end gap.



XR100R: '98 - 2000: 0.5 mm (0.02 in)

After 2000: 0.4 mm (0.02 in)

XR80R: '98 - '99: 0.5 mm (0.02 in)

After '99: 0.4 mm (0.02 in)

Oil (Side rail):

XR100R: '98-2000: 1.1 mm (0.04 in)

After 2000: 0.9 mm (0.04 in)

XR80R: '98 - '99: 1.1 mm (0.04 in)

After '99: 0.9 mm (0.04 in)


If reusing your piston, clean the piston ring grooves thoroughly and install

the piston rings.


Apply oil to the piston rings.

Install the piston rings with their marks facing up (there will be a letter silk screened on the ring, place this side of the ring up).

The very thin silver rings are the oil rings that go on top and bottom of the 'expander ring (spacer)'.

Do not switch the top and second rings; assuming OE rings, the top ring is silver, 2nd ring is black. The top ring is thinner (inside to outside) than the 2nd ring.

Space the piston ring end gaps 120 degrees apart.

Do not align the gaps in the oil rings (side rails) or spacer.

After installation, the rings should rotate freely in the ring grooves.

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