yamaha 426 race gas

i have a 2001 426 and i would like to spend some

extra $$ on race gas . does any one have any sug

on what to run ?? thanks for the help . :)

Yup, run good pump gas and send me all that extra $$$ you are carrying around. I guaruntee that sheddint that extra weight will gain you more performance than spending more money on gas!

Oh, unless your bike is way trick, then it might be different... But really, search for some articles on race gas, I bet you will decide it's not worth it.

How about Competition 110. I run it in my WR 250f and love the stuff. It burns clean and smells great! :)

What oldbones said. :)

VP ultimate 4, you will not believe the change

There is some truth to what oldbones said, if you live where you can get decent pump gas. For the rest of us, come winter time, the gasoline formula changes to $h!t to reduce emissions and whatnot. In this case, getting a consistent fuel will help a guy out. I have a local 76 station that has 110 leaded pump gas for around $4.00/gal. I burns cooler and slower and is consistent 100% of the time. My bike starts easily all year long (as long as my jetting is dialed in....)

i tried some 112 octane, no difference at all. nothing, nada, zip.

ran the stuff for 3 solid days. no mistake.

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