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What to look for, used 1998 300 EXC??

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I have a chance to buy a 300 EXC for a really good price. Thing is, the motor is busted..for the second time. I am not sure how bad until I get to look at it this weekend. Might just need a new piston and sleeve, might be more. Not really sure until I look at it. In any case, its a slight gamble.

Anyway to know/see if crank/connecting rod damaged?? I believe head is off bike, so I should be able to see down in cylinder.

My one thought is to see if I can turn it over with kick starter, and see how it feels. That is assuming the piston is not seized in the cylinder...which I am not sure of at this point.


Anything else I should pay extra close attention to with this bike overall??

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