Help me decide between the YZ450 or the WR450

I want to order the 2004 WR450 because it is very easy to add a street legal kit to it. I have only riden a CRF450 as a comparable bike and I am hoping that the WR will have similar power. Will the WR perform close to the same as the YZ & CRF, or is this bike more like the XR models. No test rides allowed so all I have is the advice of those who have riden this bike, please reply so I dont make a $6000.00 dollar mistake. <font color="black">

Depends on the kind of riding you do, if you're a motocrosser or just like to ride tracks and do jumps then stick to the YZ (Warning its got brutal power that hard to control at times) But if you ride trails or do offroad events or want an all around play bike then you can't beat the WR, the power is smooth and abuntant once you do the required mods.

Coming from an xr. The wr is nothing like it. It is much more "mx" than an xr. It has a nice semi-2smoke like hit up top and plenty of low end. Coming from an xr650r this W feels feather weight but I guess it depends on what your used to. To me it is my favorite bike so far by far. :):D :D

I have both. The YZ is fun on the mx track but no where else. The woods around here are very tight.

The WR with the free mods is very fast. The YZ is too abrupt for me in the woods. It was to abrupt on the mx track until I got a flywheel.

I have a plate on my WR so it's double neato. I have never in my 30 years of riding ever ridden leaglly off road. The Gestapo catch you loading an unloading at your truck.

No truckee, no catchee beezer!

Also around here the resale value on YZ's stinks. My dealer still has new 426's on the floor.

Agree with everything the other guys said. I have a street legal XR400 that I never ride anymore and a YZF450. I ride 90% track with occasional freeriding these days, and the YZF is perfect. Back when I rode 90% in the hills and around town, the XR was fun but soft on power & heavy, and I wished I had a WR. It sounds like the WR would be a great bike for you, since you want to street it. I've heard it's *plenty* fast once you uncork it. Don't beat yourself up over the decision... you're going to be stoked with whatever you get!!! :) If I was in your situation, I would feel good about getting a WR.

I'd go with the WR for the sole reason that the YZ has a 4-speed. You can put a YZ cam in the WR to get the snap back. Even with just the throttle stop removed and exhaust insert removed, the big WR's will obliterate and XR400 and comfortably smoke a DRZ. Do the cam and you'll be very pleased.

I've done the YFZ exhaust cam along with jetting, airbox mods and the free mods to my WR450 and it's hangin with the YZF's and CRF's on the straights in the SMUSA and AMA Supermoto events I'm doing.

The dyno run I did at CAD Cycles in Gaitersburg, MD. showed almost 48hp on pump gas prior to doing the YZF cam . Everyone tells me that particular dyno produces lower readings than some of the other local dynos.

I don't fear stalling the bike either!!!

Go WR450 and you will not regret it! :)

I had the same question and have decided to go with the WR450.... 5 speed, easy to convert to street, no stator change etc. :)

Easy question... Yamaha! :)

I was riding a KX500 until it hurt me so it went bye-bye. When I went looking for it's replacement I decided Yam 4 stroke after riding my brothers YZ426. So I hit the dealers most local dealers were out of 450's they were waiting on thier 04 model shipments. When I found a dealer with 03 stock left the WR was the same money as the YZ. So I thought for the same money get the WR and have the extras at no extra cost, lights and electric start. After the first ride I was sure I had made a mistake :D WHAT A DOG IN STOCK FORM. But don't get dissapointed. After a couple of cheap mods YZ throttle stop $10.95 Throw away the exhaust silencer "FREE" (sounds like a real motorcycle now) Remove the air snorkel also "FREE" (might require a little jetting change) A set of tires to suit your ridding style and conditions In my case Dunlop 756"s $125.00 for the pair. Now, :D TWIST THE GRIP AND HANG ON. I have raced it a couple of times now. The suspension is a little soft for motorcross but it sure trail rides nice. It will run with the big boys if you are willing to twist the grip. I don't regreat it a bit especially when on the starting gate eveyone is kicking thier brains out starting thier bikes, and I just hit the little gray button and smile. :)

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