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new motor!

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my bike is 3 years old, ive had it for 2, it was previously used for hillclimbs, I use it for MX, still the original motor, all its seen is a set of rings, the exhaust valve was slightly out after break in, but they were shimmed up to spec and havent moved since! even after 350 hours of beating on this motor, pulled it out, took it in for a rebuild and buddy said it was mint besides some cylinder wear, anyways, new main bearings, rod, piston and cylinder re-plating for around $1300, my honda cr250 2 joke costed more then that when I blew the crank and it didnt even need a cylinder. I put off buying a 4 stroke for the longest time because people are always talking about how high maintenance and expensive they are, but changing the air filter and oil on time and warming it up properly I probably could have got 400 hours out of the thing

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