Hot start removed why?

I just noticed that the 99 yz400 is missing it's hot start plunger.and the the hole in the head where the JS tube would go is plugged.

Why would anyone do this?

That's how they came from the factory back then.

That's how they came from the factory back then.
No, it's not. :smirk:

There are two possibilities that come to mind:

It was removed because it was stuck and the PO didn't want to replace it (or because he couldn't figure out what it was for).

It was removed because the carb was upgraded and it currently has the hot start either on the side of the carb or on a handlebar lever.

Yea there is diffinatly a place for it and its plugged at the head where thehose went in. Any suggestions out there on the Handlebar mount ones?

-What ones

-How Much

-Are they worth it or should i buy a used OEM one from Ebay?


There would be a place for it in the head, but unless you have a carb from a 2000 or later that has the hot start plunger built into it, there are no handlebar mounted control kits available.

i do have a 99 carb. So can i add a handle bar mount to my carb?

Or will i have to buy a OEM Plunger Style?


You need to replace the carb with a later unit if you want handlebar hot start access.

Ok, Thats what i was looking for, thanks.:smirk:

"No, it's not. rolls eyes (sarcastic)"

Was too early in the morning when I read this,thought he was talking about the decompression plug.

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