Help. Battery dies when in street legal mode

Ok. I installed a tricky dual sport kit on my 2006 WR 450 a couple of years ago. I have had troulbe with the battery ever since. I thought it was the cheap batteries but I have since gone back to factory batteries on constant trickle chargers. So here is the problem. I can ride all day with out turning the tricky dual sport switch to either day or night which turns on the front light or allows the brake light to work and the bike starts all day using the electric starter but if I turn on the tricky dual sport to either day or night to ride the streets, etc. then it the bike dies within in 20 miles or 30 minutes or so then the battery is dead and the electric start will not turn the engine and I have to start kicking it to get it started. Do I have a short? Does the light really draw down the power to the battery that fast. Before the tricky dual sport the front light stayed on all the time and the electric start worked all day long. I also notice at night that after about 20 miles the front light starts to dim so is the stator or something bad. Please help. THanks.


i had the same problem on my 02 ktm 400 exc street legal i have a trick dual sport kit to i had to upgrade to trail tech regulator reflector / stator kit plug and play all my problems went away i had the same problem for about a year look on ebay they run for about 160$ to 195$ worth every penny remember TRAIL TECH

Electrical System Kit: Yamaha S-8502



YAMAHA WR250 2006-2009 & WR450 2005-2009

100W - DC system - stator, reg/rec

Assuming that your charging system is working properly, it sounds like lights draw more power than the stock stator can handle. You can modify your stator and get a Baja designs reg/rectifier. The instructions are on there website. The mod is free if you are able to do it yourself and the part is around 50$. JLow

If your bike is running the stock charging system, you should not discharge your battery. Your headlight should be running on AC and that does not come from your battery. Call me on Monday. Dale, 661-268-1094

You should never Modify a WR stator to dc unless you have to run big HID lights.

......You should never Modify a WR stator to dc unless you have to run big HID lights.

Now, that is far from true. Depending on the setup you run, you may not have to modify your stator (float the ground).

For those that want the stocker 35W headlight output (or use high power 60/55 H4 bulb or an HID especially) to remain constant as well as have the horn and turn signals operate consistently, modding the stator and running all DC is the best solution. If this is not important to you and you want to save a little money, then you can retain the OEM AC/DC setup.

Trick, why should you not modify the stator? Mine has been done for 2 years with no problems. If the police ever check your bike, one of the requirements in some states is that your headlight has to be on wether your bike is running or not. Originally I just had a switch to turn on the high beam while the low beam was on before I modded the stator. Jlow

OK. Here is the quick update. Called Dale with TDS and he walked me through a couple of quick checks. He also mentioned I might try an LED tail light so I did. While I was at it, I checked the blinkers to see what watts they were. Turns out the rear blinkers were 23w each which is more than I expected and probably more than my stator could keep up with. One of the test was to check the green run light on the DTS kit stayed green while running the blinkers, taillight, high beam, etc. Well when I turned on the blinkers the green light would start to flash yellow and when I turned on the high beams and pushed the brake to activate the brake light, the green light turned yellow and occassionally flashed a light red. So I replaced the brake light with an LED bulb that draws 3w or less (not sure exactly). It is a Jam Strate LED from O'Reilly. I also replaced the rear blinkers with 9.3w bulbs. Rode around last night for 30-40 minutes. The green light stayed green on the TDS box. The bike never stalled and when I turned the bike off and restarted it with the electric start, it fired right up. Assuming the 23w rear blinkers were the problem but if the problem pops up again then I will update this post. Thanks to everyone who replied with their comments and ideas.


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