Any ideas where to find used radiator shrouds for a YZ400F?

I want to try something out (installing fans on the shrounds) so I need a set of used plastics, or even one side (I'd prefer the right side). Nothing in the classifieds, nobody parting out a 400, I can buy new for $50 but I'd rather find something abused for less.

Also appears you can't place 'wanted' ads there, only 'for sale' ads.



ebay bro!

Looked. None there, only new for $50 - like I said, don't want to cut up shiny new covers (or even mine that are new-new)..


ill keep an eye out for ya

Thx, bro! :smirk:

Thx, but "Postage: US $34.55"

That's BS.


Guess thats because it thinks your i Denmark(europa) like me :smirk:

Update on this (I think I posted during the upgrade) - I got a set of beat-up, used shrouds along with a stock tank from eBay for $75. Solve a couple of issues I hope!



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Well, crap - these don't fit.

Listing clearly states for my bike: yamaha yz400f yz 426 450 f gas fuel tank shrouds

.. but the tank is way too small - support brackets end up being several inches lower than the point int the frame that they bolt to. Also no way to get the shrounds on without serious bending of the parts.

I'm also now wondering, are these even the same for all years? Doesn't the 450 have an Alu frame, so the tank wouldn't mount that way anyway?

I think these are from a 250.




Oh, and there's no way to get the seat on with this tank on the bike - the forward clip is nowhere near the mount bolt on the tank.

There's a thread on what's needed to put the tank/plastics/seat from a steel framed YZ450 on an earlier bike in the Common Threads sticky under miscellaneous, near the bottom. That's a gas tank from an '03 - '05 YZ450, and won't fit without more stuff.

Damn.. Send them back and try again :-/

i have a shroud, numberplates, front brake cable cover and front fender, ill sell you for 30 + shipping ill post pics tomorrow

and they are for sure off my 400

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here they are, and the shroud is the right hand side, left was too dry and cracked up but you can have all this for $30 + shipping from california pm me if you want them


Thanks, but I want the stock tank as well now that I've seen just how badly this enduro tank blocks airflow behind the radiator!9139f2d4.jpg


are you planning on using that tank, i might be interested in trading. that baja tank for my stock tank and those other pieces I pictured??

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