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What can you tell me about cr250's

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I'm hoping you guys can help me. I am looking for a bike and have been on yamaha all my life. Cant seem to find a good one for a good price so i've expanded and started looking for cr250's. Is there any info you can tell me about them? What years to look for or stay away from?? I have found an 06 that seems to look really clean but he is asking 2800. Is that too much or does that seem right? Are parts still easy to get since they are no longer made? I will be racing gncc races. Havent rode in a year but consider myself a fast B rider. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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The 3rd gen (02-07) have a great chassis and handling. It's the new case-reed with RC valve engine that most people have issues with. The jetting can be a pain to dial in with the stock TMX and always requires adjustments. The stock squish clearance seems to be way off as well (mine was at around 2.25mm, a whole mm off ideal!), causing some detonation. But with some head work and a Keihin carb I think it can be a great bike for cheap, especially for a good/fast rider that can keep it in the sweet spot, because aside from those issues, the engine rips!

P.S. Honda did one last major update on the CR250 in 2005 (see sticky). I think it's worth it as long as it's not over your budget.

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The Last GEN CR250's are great bikes. I have a 2005 and LOVE it.

The case-reed motors can be tweaked to your liking. Most people don't like the stock tune on them. Which is understandable.

Mine was stock when I got it, and the motor was boggy down low, strong in the midrange, and flat on the top end.

I did a fresh top-end, Vforce3 reeds, and a PWK Airstriker carb. I run race fuel premix at 32:1. Pipe is a Pro-Circuit Works, with the 304 silencer.

The engine is totally different now. Much better.

I think the brakes are a little weak, but the suspension and handling of the bike is great.

Parts are commonly available for these bikes. These bikes were popular. ( Still are popular! )

You don't see too many of these coming up for sale, because people are hanging on to them. Good idea to snag one if you find one for sale.

$2,800 is on the high side, but not unreasonable for a bike that is well-cared for, and in top shape.

If it is not perfect, I would be negotiating that price down.

These bikes ALL need maintenance. And most people who are not "enthusiasts" do not do proper maintenance on them. They ride the crap out of them, then put them up for sale.

Mine was one of these bikes. It was all there, and in decent shape, but needed all the routine stuff that these bikes need.

So, I negotiated that into my offer, and got the bike fairly cheap.

I put some work into it, and now I have a great bike for less than $2,500.

I would ask $2,500 for it today, if I wanted to sell it. It's worth it.

For a used bike that needs some work... UNDER $2k is the ticket.

Bottom line is: these bikes are great. Snag one if you find a good deal on it.

Good luck.


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