G-Man, How did you do at Washougal?


We had 305 entrys, its hard to tell were people come from ,except our friends from the north "A"

"I really dont want to sound pissy here"

As far as 4 short moto's "FORGET IT" if you want easy moto's ride local 4 lap moto's, if I had my way we would ride 6- 30 min moto's 3 sat, & 3 sun. but since people travel such long distances to race, they need the extra time to get home on sunday. We want to "race" we want to race "Hard", thats what makes the International Races Special. Rather than try to shorten the OT Nats. get on a tread mill or start jogging, get in shape to last 5 long moto's "YOU'LL LIVE LONGER BECAUSE OF IT"



I'm 5'9" 165 lbs - not exactly slim but not a porker either. My problem was that my hands turned into hamburger after the 3 moto's on Saturday - it was "Africa Hot" here in the desert that April weekend also.

I don't always take the time to ride every week but I do exercise regularly and when I do practice I try to ride 45 minutes at a time - hard (G-Man makes me practice this way). I have taken steps to help with blisters (Underwear glove liners and Boyesen Flexgrip) so maybe I'll last longer next time. I raced a lot when I was a kid and in rock hard shape but I never raced that much in one weekend back then and prefer not to now. I understand your points but I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one MXOldtimer.


Have the glove liners completly cured your blister problem?

I started using PC's kevlar glove liners a few weeks ago and they helped tremendously but I still have gotten a few small blisters. Just wanted to compare notes.

Even though I still have some blister problems, I must say I am VERY happy with the results of the glove liners. Now, I stop when I get tired, not when my hands hurt too bad from two or three (or once even four!) blisters on each hand.

Dave S


I crashed and hurt my right hand at Prescott Valley on Memorial Day and have only ridden twice with the gloves/grip since then - MotoGrande two weeks ago and Speedworld last Sunday. No blisters so far with the glove liners, I know the Flexgrip is definitely helping the left hand also. The best cure is to ride 2 or 3 times a week but I don't make the time to do that so the gloves and the grip are good alternatives.

Were you at Speedworld last Sunday? I plan to go to Air Sarival on August 26th, the AZOTMX club will be racing there for the first time. I think you told me you have been there before, it will be my first time there. Once again I'm #36 with yellow backgrounds.



I thought you might have been at Speedworld last Sunday. My neighbor raced his first MX race ever in the 30+ beginner class. He ran into the gate and stalled it the first moto, he got a better start the second moto. He finished both moto's back in the pack but had a good time. I was outta there by 12:30pm and it definitely was hot by then!

Good luck at Sarival this weekend (weather report says 106 on Sunday), let me know if you go there on August 26th and we can meet up in the pits. Looking forward to riding a new track.


Yea, I raced speedworld last sunday, 30+ beginner with a couple of friends of mine. First moto I tried the outside line and didnt ride aggressive enough into the first turn and let myself get sqeeze-played then I stalled it in the next turn, by the time I got it lit again, everyone was LONG GONE! I did manage to catch and pass about 10 guys though to finish 10th. Second moto, I'm all phsyched to take the inside line and get a decent start but while I was waiting for the peewees to finish right before us, I had been holding the clutch in to oil it but hadnt put it in gear!!! Neutral start, DOH! Oh well, chasing down the pack again and falling twice I still managed 8th, for 9th overall. Boy it was hot about 1pm eh?

Good luck at Sarival, they are holding a race this Sunday and practice on Sat. I think I am going to Speedworld Sat but am planning on Racing at Sarival on Sunday.

The owners of the track are very cool and I am glad you guys hooked up with them for an AZOTMX race. It will help them out and I think you will like the track.

Dave S

00 426 #85


Sorry, don't get in here too often, just saw your post about our jerseys. I'll hop over to our e-group board and ask the OTHGMX guys who did our jerseys. I'll let you know as soon as I know. You may have already gone with another company. I'll find out anyway.


Doug, if you're still around, www.mmsportswear.com is who made the OTHGMX jerseys.



Thank you! Our Oldtimers meeting is next wed. nite and I can pass on the info to the club.

Thanks again


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