Bit the bullet and ditched the smoker


sexy machine. :smirk:

Haha met a group of guys @ track yesterday. 1 of which was on that exact same bike about to do the opposite of what you've just done. It will be more $$$, but make you a better rider, that's for sure.

Nice! What did you have?

A 2000 kx250

Any reason for the switch from green to blue?

Nah not really just bought what i could afford....friend of mine is sales manager at yamaha dealership so i gotta a good price

I am unfortunately(Or fortunately) a 4 stroke rider

I tried to go back to smokers in 09 but the advantages of riding a 4 stroke out weigh the cons of cost and maintanance

Nice bike, you will love it

Going from a 2000 kx250 is going to be a very, very nice change for you!

Oh ya so far so good...i just gotta get my starting procedure down because itll be a hs bike

She's a beauty,always liked the Yamaha 4-strokes.

You'll be glad you switched,and wish you had years ago.

Nice bike, be a night and day difference from your old ride.

Funny thing how times have changed, my last smoker was a 98 RM250, good bike.

Love the 4 strokes but honestly would have looked harder at a YZ250 pinger if the price was more in line with what the bike was or had some updates in the last few years. At least you can still buy them. MX is one thing but a 250 2 stroke is still doable in the bush. Whatever gets the most money and development wins.

If I wasn't stoked out on Honda, I'd def be a Yam man next, then kawi, then suzie.

I wish I had gotten a pic of the guy with your bike. He had the same black wheels and a sick ass mainly black with white plastics/graphics. It was a dope bike. Do want, but then come to my senses and brap out! :smirk:

Nice, going from the '00 Kawi 250 to that new Yami is going to be huge!

Beautiful bike man!

Oh ya i can allready tell a huge difference in the handling on the track i havent got to test it out in the woods yet soon though hopedully

If you are taking it out to the woods, First i would look into the GYTR heavy flywheel (9.2 oz) it will absolutely change the dynamic of how well you can Lug the bike in the tighter technical trails. Also a Magura Jack clutch really helps out out in the woods as well. Now if you really wanna get trick, do some intake port expansion and that thing will Really come to life. Congrats on the new ride..... :smirk:

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A Rekluse clutch would also make an awesome woods weapon. :smirk:



Looks good man, i'm jealous. :smirk:

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