I am being dumb and need help... easy oil change Q on 07 Yz450

I've searched and read and can't find the answer I need. I don't have a manual either, nobody has one in town, Im ordering one but trying to race on Sunday...

Does the transmission and engine share the same oil?

If they are separate, where the hell is the drain plug for the engine oil?

The fill for the trans is on the stator cover, correct?

What I did today: drained 675cc/ml from 12mm trans plug at the bottom. Changed the filter, very little oil came from there. Then I put a 50/50 mix of red Silkolene gear oil and synthetic 10w30, 675cc/ml in the fill on the stator cover. I can see a little red on the dipstick after starting briefly so I assume the motor and trans share the same oil, which seems like a bad design...

Or maybe I am being a dipstick?

need input

Thank you


Yes they share the same oil, yes the fill is on the stator cover.

Seems dumb, because if you trash a gear then it goes through the motor? Not a fan, my Crf was separate.

So you use Engine oil then, and don't worry about trans specific?

Thank you gray!!!

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