oil drain bolt stripped 07 yz450

after dealing with other issues.....i changed the oil on my 07 yz450. the oil drain bolt on the left side of the bike came off real easy. when i put it back on it did not want to tighten. i think the guy that i just bought the bike from had stripped it and didnt deal with it. i got it as tight as i could. (a bit more than hand tight) then rode it for a while. it was seaping out around the plug. Can i use some Teflon tape for a quick fix? i know i prob need a Heli coil put in...but will this work for now?

I did that on my 06' when I first bought it. I have a M8x1.25 Time Sert kit with 4 inserts if you decide to go that route. I'll make you a deal and ship it as I haven't stripped any other bolts in 3 years and they ain't cheap. But it's the right way to fix it.

Let me know!

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This kit, how does it work? will i be putting shavings into my oil tank? Everyone i ask says this is not an easy task to do...

There is plenty of info here on the site. In fact it was GrayRacer who led me to the Timesert as the right solution when I had the same problem. Instructions are included in the kit and there are several tutorials if you search YouTube for "Timesert".

Use grease on the tap and minimize any shavings. Pour one quart of cheap oil through open crankcase when finished to get anything the grease did not trap. Don't do a heli coil. This is the only permanent soloution for a bolt that doesn't bottom out and needs to be repeatedly removed in the future.

Check out the site and the videos and decide if you want to do it. If you think you can't handle it, I'm sure you could get a mechanic to do it for under $50.00 bucks. I'll sell you the kit with inserts for $40.00 including shipping. I paid $65.00 for it.

ok. sounds good. i actually poured some old oil down it the other day (because i was switching to full synthetic) the oil came out the right side of the bike. The drain bolt that is stripped is the left side. How would i get oil to flush out shavings on that side?

That's a question for Grayracer! PM him. Mine was on the left too. I didn't even do the oil pour cause I didnt see any significant shavings. That was 3 years ago and bike is still running great.

PM me if you want the kit. I have Paypal and I'll need an address to ship to you.

Brian, ol' buddy, ya gotta stop horse trading in the forum. You should be using PM's. Rules.

trev, the plug on the left is the drain for the feed oil storage reservoir. That's where the oil is under operating conditions. Flush it, if you think you need to, by filling the "tank" through the dip stick hole directly. You should probably also read this if you don't have a manual:


Oops sorry... Just trying to help the guy out. To PM it is fom here forward!

hey brian and grey- i used the time sert kit today. after finding a tap wrench i started and finished in about 15 mins. it wasnt that hard at all. i was just nervous cause i didnt want to screw it up. thanks for all the help. the videos helped too. i am not a gear head by any means but i was able to get it done without asking a mechanic to do it for me. thanks again!

Counter bore for time sert

I just finished adding to fix threads and block drain hole. I purchased standard length kit so they are 9.8mm long. I tapped drill so I had mark as not to hit gear in case. Second I drilled 10mm deep with a 9.5mm drill to counter drill for sert flange. Use lots of grease, clean after each operation. Next I used counterbore in kit. Then tapped the hole, after 3 turns, back out, clean grease, and add fresh grease to keep as many chips contained as possible. As the other posts mentioned used qutips to clean out hole. Thanks all for your great input on using time sert method.

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