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CAG mini-moto resto!

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I just finished "restoring" a 10yr old CAG mini-moto that used to belong to my oldest son. This thing is a tank. The only problem we ever had with it was the front sprocket stripped out. Thats probably my fault! :lol: Its never had the engine opened up... nothing.

Here it is now. I fixed it up for my sons, Wyatt 6, and Chase 5. Of course it had to be a KTM like daddy's bike! :bonk:

I have about $150 into fixing it up. I bought a bunch of parts, including a new engine. Now I have spares! I only needed the trans, but for $30 more for an entire motor ($70 shipped!), I cant complain!

Sorry, no before pics. But it was trashed!








Ride on! :smirk:

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Anyone know of a proper heavy duty 25H chain? This new one I got from pocketbikeparts broke in 5min flat! Complete garbage!

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