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Braided brake line options for the standard NON CR Routing 01-03 RM 250

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I am installing a 01-03 RM 250 front end on my DRZ 400 and want a braided brake line that has the standard down the front under the bottom guard routing. I can only seem to find the CR routing lines available.

I will be using a RM front master cylinder so the Banjo bolts will all line up properly as on the 01-03 RM 250.

I found 2 Goodridge options and just need to confirm which one will give me the full length routing. I will pick a master cylinder required accordingly if it is affected by line choice.

Goodridge Pt# 90-1188 fits 99-02 RM 250

Goodridge Pt# 90-1187 for 03-05 RM 250

Any help appreciated.

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99-02 was the longer line. 03 and up use the shorter routing. why wouldnt you want the shorter routing?

Thanks Eddie, I guess i just like the cleaner more buttoned up routing of the longer line.

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