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cr500 model changes

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I'm a little confused. Does anyone know if the fuel tanks of 85 and 86 cr500 are identical?

I want to buy a radiator shrouds and I'm pretty sure that there is a different between 85 to 86.

I don't sure what model year is my fuel tank. 85 or 86. since i have two.

How to recognize a difference between the tanks?

another question:

My bike has a gold color rims.

Does this mean my bike year 85 or 86?



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The 85 has a big bulbus tank to where you cannot get towards the front, the 86 has a much better tank design. They will not interchange. The 85 was considered one of the most difficult 500 CR machines to race ever. A 86 is a good improvment and the 87 n 88 were the best off road 500's Honda ever made.

Gold rims could be found on the bikes till 87.

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