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1996 cr250 restro

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so the time and money have come together. and im going to start the full restro of my 96 cr250.(ill post pics soon, bike isnt in bad condition over all, it's just seen more spray-paint then a back ally brick wall.)

im going to pick up a sandblaster tommorow and every single part is going to get blasted so it looks like new.

motor is going to be re-built. the crank is fine so its only going to see new crank bearings and seals.

now, i want to put all new bolts on this thing. but i dont want to sit there and peace together my own(unless someone has a list already made up?) dose anyone know of full bolt kits out there?

new, or used and not bent/leaking rads are going to get put on. if i get used ones a quick soda blasting should make them look brand new.

i already have a few aftermarket things for the bike, so it isnt going to be a full out, off the show-room floor looking bike.

stuff i have for it:

DNA rims(black rim-red hub)

pro-taper bars

fmf fatty pipe

answer racing CF-2 sillencer

renthal intellilever's(awesome product, highly recomended)

just put on a new seat cover, so a factory seat cover is out of the question for now.

also, new chain/sproket's are going to be put on.

i still have to mesure the roaters to see of they are in spec.

the brake lines look like they have seen better days, so im probebly going to replace them.

i need a new airbox seeing as the one i have is cracked, dose anyone have one kicking around? dosent need to be clean, just strait and un-cracked.

the fuel tank is hacked up. it looks like someone tooka dremel to it to get the old paint off. so its either a new/used one or a few good hours of me standing there and sanding this thing down by hand.

and im keeping my fingers crossed that this isnt going to cost me much over 550 bones.

ill post pics as i go! now time to motivate my self to go intot he cold work-shop :smirk:

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just orderd up the factory FX evo graphics for it.

might not be the sweetest ones out there. but i like how clean and simple they are.

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