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Help me Out w/ cold weather!

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Hey guys, might be dumb questions. I went out to run my Brand new used 2006 RM 250. Last time I ran it wassssss 3 weeks ago? Since that time it has been anywhere from 20 degrees to 60 degrees. 3 things.....

I got exhaust smoke out of the exhaust vavle vent hose while it was running......normal? I have never seen it before on my other bikes

When I sat on the bike, the shock seal blew...dumping shock oil all over. Could constant change in temp cause these to go out easily? It was sold with "good seals"

My 125 was spitting oil....like....6 feet back, splatter when you rev, oil. I know temp effects jetting, but this seemed extreme. Ideas? I have like, 10 hours on a new top end.

Thanks guys.

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Yes it is normal to see smoke puffing out of the power valve vent tube.

Temp had nothing to do with your shock seal leaking. It was worn and time to go out. Have it serviced and new seals or pick up a real clean shock off e-bay.

Is your 125 spitting gas 6 feet or straight oil? If gas, then she is fooded and your lucky it started with out fouling a spark plug. Fix - turn the fuel off at the tank when you haul your bike or store it in the shop. May need to replace the float needle.

If it is straight oil, then you may have a right crank seal out. You should be low on tranny oil and it should have been fouling plugs like crazy.

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