2010 450 sale price - input

Hello, I am looking at selling my 2010 YZ450 and looking for input on a reasonable asking price. I haven't really seen any listed so don't really have any comparisons to go off of.

It is in good shape and has around 50 hours on it, DRD pipe, Ride lowering link, DT1 filter kit, Cycra one piece shrouds, and the GYTR tuner.

Also, should I return it to stock and sell the after market parts separately, or leave it as is?

Thanks for the input..


I'm in a different market (Cdn) but I always take my aftermarket stuff off. The person who comes to look at your bike is going to get it for less than you're asking, if you take the parts off you can use them as a barganing tool.

I'd take the lowering link, Dr.D pipe off and I'd sell the tuner seperately as well. The link should sell for $120+ quite easily on E-bay, and a pipe with only 50 hours on it should sell for $180 at a minimum. Your pipe looks mint from what I can see, the tip hasn't faded yet. The tuner would be an easy sell too. Those 3 parts are going to put $400 - $500 in your pocket, will they increase the value of the bike by the same amount... I'd doubt it.

That's my $0.02 Good luck with the sale :smirk:

I guess I could mention that I bought my last 3 dirt bikes out of the US. I just bought another '09 with less than 2 hours of runtime and I got it for $3900, I was looking at a new '11 yz450f before I found my current bike and it was going to cost me $6150 OTD. I'd think yours would be somewhere in the middle, maybe around $4800 stock - keep in mind that's just a guess.. Depends on what the market is like in your immediate area.

Well when I look at a used bike I look for a basically stock bike that hasnt been messed around with and appears like it has very little hours on it. IMO aftermarket parts look like the bike has been tampered with and has a lot of miles on it.

What I would do if I were you would be to take off all the after market parts and get what you can for them on ebay because youll never get any of your money back if you leave them on your bike. Also I would try to make your bike appear as stock as possible and if your plastics are heavily scratched get a replacement kit for around 110 bucks off ebay.

Im in canada so I have no clue on pricing, I just bought a new 2011 kx450f for $8k and thats a good deal haha


IMO aftermarket parts look like the bike has been tampered with and has a lot of miles on it.

I'm curious as to how you make the connection between aftermarket parts and how they make the bike look like it has a lot of miles ? There's one thing IMO that makes a bike look used, and that's the amount of time it's been ridden. Someone who doesn't keep their bike in nice shape will accentuate the look. If someone has a pipe, bars, rims, plastic etc. on the bike that won't make it look like it has a lot of time on it - in my eyes anyway. If the pegs are worn, the rotors have thinned in the middle, the case covers are heavily worn, rims are very scuffed etc. that to me is what would indicate wear/time.

If the pic the OP posted was recent, I'd say it's in better than average condition for a 2010 and looks quite good. Of course, you can only tell so much frome a picture.

I put things back to original if possible and offer the aftermarket parts as extras or sell them individually. Price of bike stock is......price of bike with these items is....

I have seen two listed on craigslist so far, both were at dealers and they were asking 5500 and 6000, ouch...

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