jetting question

I searched the archives and it looks like the people riding at sealevel are using a 48 pilot and a 165 main. I didnt see anything about clip position so I assuming I need to leave it in the stock position. Is this true? If not does anyone have any suggestions? The bike is a 00' 426 and Im running the stock pipe & silencer.

Norman K.


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This is Jason from the riding club.

The hotter it is down here the leaner you will have to run it, and vise versa for cold weather.

I am running 1 position lean from stock on the clip, a 158 main and a 42 pilot. If I try to go richer at these hot and humid temps the bike runs very sluggish.

I just did the BK mod to my bike the other day and had to go up on the main to compensate for the fuel loss at the acc pump.

I am running a 160 main now.

I have plenty of jets if you want to get together and do some testing one day.



My bike really doesnt run bad, I dropped one position on the clip and about 2 1/4 turns out on the fuel screw it just has that annoying backfire or popping when I let off the throttle. I might take you up on the offer, I ordered the jets I mentioned today from Thumper so I will have them Friday, just thought I would try it. We need to go ride sometime. We have a meeting tomorrow night at Ninfas at 7:00 if you can make it.



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