02wr mods

I just got an 02 WR426 thats stock, what are the free mods I should do and will the 03wr exhaust cam work, I should would like to have the autodecompression feature. BTW I am a crf convert,I rode a wr last weekend and fell in love.



What are the reason that made you convert? I thought I would get the CRF450 as soon as it come out with the WR virsoin. Don't get me wrong, This 03 WR450F is the best dam bike I have ever ridden. I would just like to compare myself.

Hi Stewart.... I have an Australian 01 WR426 so our free mods are a little different. But if you're bike is US Spec then I believe the free mods for you guys are removing the air box lid, cutting down the throttle stop and removing the exhaust baffle as well as the cutting the "grey wire". Do a search and you will find heaps on this.

With the cam, I would recommend the 450F exhaust cam. The auto decomp is great (no more starting procedure, just kick and go). Also look at YZ timing - I am still ironing out the jetting on my bike with the YZ timing, but so far so good. It is a personal thing. Once again search will yield a heap of results regarding this topic.

If you are doing the woods riding thing I would also recommend investing in a bash plate and bark busters. These have saved me a heap of times :)

Welcome to team blue and good luck with it all!

The CRF to me is not a good woods bike, it's a great motox bike but I ride about 99.9% woods. The CRF suspension is to stiff,done the suspension did not help. The hit is a bit much for the woods and gearing, never could get it right. When I rode the wr this weekend it was great in all those ways,my friend was having a hard time trying to get his bike back from me.


There is a monster post pinned in the YZ forum for the cam mod, by far the best mod.

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