I blew it!!! (Timesert)

So I think I blew it on the timesert install. As i was screwing in the insert i was waiting for a click or something to indicate it was seated properly, when the shoulder pulled about 1.5mm past its recess I knew it was &^%$# :bonk::smirk:. Any suggestions on a solution. Right now I'm on running with it if there is no leaking, probably some RTV in the gap. The copper washer still seats on a thin bit of material.

I also had quite a few shavings even with using grease on drill and tap. I had the top end off and flushed the motor with diesel, is this enough?


what thread is it that you tried to repair?


it was the right side oil drain bolt.

OK, fixed that on mine too. Iam not sure you blew that timesert check out this video

The shavings i got out by draining the oil and flush it with diesel. I just sprayed diesel in where the thread is, about 1000 ml or so, and slowly leaned the bike from side to side, drained the diesel, 10 min start up on cheap oil, and finished with at full oil change.

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