oil breather hose

I was riding my wr450 07 and all of a sudden the breather hose came of the oil tank and oil started pisssing out everywhere from the hole, it wasnt the hose but the metal value nob thing on the oil tank itself which u connect the hose to with a hose clamp. but i dont no how to fit it back in because it looks like it was pressed fitting in, any help would be great dont no what to do thanks

Oil tank??? are you referring to the crankcase right by the starter??

The piece you are referring to is just pressed in from the factory. Sometimes they do come out of the tank/case. Here's how you fix it;

Drain the oil from the tank.

Hemove the elbow from the hose and clean the end that presses in the tank with some Scotchbrite or steel wool. Clean the entire elbow inside and out with brake parts cleaner and a clean rag.

Using some Q-Tips or cotton swabs, clean the inside of the hole in the tank with brake parts clearner. Make sure there is no oil residue inside the hole.

Use some JB weld and apply a small ammount to the elbow and inside the hole and press the elbow in. Tap it lightly with a small hammer to seat it (make sure it's pointed in the right direction).

Let it sit for 24 hours and reassemble.

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