2010 450 Front Brake Spongy


I have blead this brake about 4-5 times in the last month and just cant seem to get it to where i am happy with it. it sponges all the way to the bar and i have the lever adjust all the way out as far as it can go the pads are touching the disc but the lever just dosn't get to a point where it stops? anyone else had this trouble?

Get a Honda master cylinder and you will be cured!

I'm having this same issue. Is there actually a fix for it or is this happening to everyone?

Get a new brake line. The stock one is probably expanding a bunch from being a couple years old.

Mine is a 2012 with about 8 hours on it.

Mine has always been spongy. I put on Galfer lines and it is still spongy. I tried every method of bleeding them and I just can't make them right. I have heard people suggest the Honda MC before and I think I might try this.

My 09 was spongy also. Bleeding did not help.

I use a small "c" clamp and push the pistons back into the caliper.

Then slowly pump the brakes back up, making sure the master cylinder is not downwards towards the brake handle.

You can do this on the bike, just clamp from the outer pad to the back side of the caliper. 2x should do it!

Worked great for me. If your master is too full you may overflow.

Did you try my suggestion?

How'd it work for you.

what year and model honda master cylinder?

i have a similar issue with my 08, the brakes work and all but it feels spongey. hell my dads clapped out XR400 feels better in the brake department

i solved my issue by putting on a 270mm rotor kit, doesnt feel that much better at the lever after a bleed but stops a whole lot quicker

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