DR 650 Stroker Kit?

Hi everyone!!!! I have been a member of thumper talk for several months now but just bought a 2011 DR650 and I love it. I was seriously considering a 780 big bore kit with the big valve head and then I read some posts about a possible stroker kit. I hate to build a 780 and then the next week a stroker kit hit the market. Does anyone have any information on this supposed kit as to cc's or a possible release date? If it is going to be a year or so before this becomes available, then the 780 seems to be the choice for now. Thanks for any information that you may have.

Hi suzook,

AFAIK the main problem with stroker kits will be the distance to gearwheels - you could only add 1 mm or similar and maybe gain a bit more by replacing the link on the rod itself. In addition, the entire character of the DR engine is already low-end and torque-based. I would welcome the idea of a stroker kit in case of a high-revving peak-power engine to add some power to the low and mid range. But the stock DR is already really good in these fields - so what should a stroker kit improve noticeably?

Several months ago I read a couple of posts that mentioned a possible upcoming stroker kit from Procycle in the 910cc range. But I have seen nothing since then to substantiate that. Just checking out all the options before I make a decision and drop 2500 on parts plus installation, only to go "damn, wish I would have waited." Thanks for the info El Capitan. I do not know that much about the DR engines yet, but it is a fun bike even in stock trim.

I had Carillo make a custom (shorter) connectling rod and had CrankWorks build the stroker crank. The completed stroker crank is sitting safely in a box until I get the time and motivation (and an extra bike) to get the motor built. It's a 10mm stroke. Will only work with the big bore piston. I haven't got a clue what I'll do with the clutch. I know the stock clutch won't be up to the job.

This was never intended to be a kit and I still have no plans to take it in that direction. Just a one time experiment in motor building and just something interesting to have.

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maybe it's just me, or maybe i'm a genius, but I thought the entire point of a stroker kit would be so that we can finally have a 1001cc DR engine.

Do you have any idea how many women that would pull? for gods sake let's get this thing done!

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Thanks for the reply Jeff. Thats me Qwerty, would be kinda neat to have a DR1000 and would definitely make people take a second look. Didnt know if it was even possible to stroke it enough to do that without cutting the case. I am sure the cluth would take a beating, andf the transmission may not even hold together with that much power. I bet even a well built 780 will strain a stock clutch.

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