Hauling the PIG around!

Last year I bought the Moto X Caddy, one of like 6 or 7 different bike carriers. Well to make a long story short I bought the wrong one. After seeing 2000's bike carrier I can't remember the name? He has the one with the arm that slips down over the seat and uses the bikes suspension to hold it in place.

I went back to http://www.bdiracks.com/bdimx.html and called the guy basically to complain about his system.

Low and behold he had a new G3 support brace which is basically a slipon version of the one what 2000 has.

In summary, It cost me another $50.00 bucks for the new part. Hopefully I'm good to go now as I hate to keep looking back every 30 seconds at the bike as i'm driving down the road.


He has the addabike I think. They are pretty neat. I wish it would work on my little honda accord.

What time you leaving for tower city?

I have a moto caddy and I came up with a good idea. I put a block of wood under the bike. I take a turn buckel and a couple of eye hooks and pull the bike down to the wooden block. This hooks on each foot peg to a cross bar made out of uni strut that sits under the carrier. I can suck the bike down and it's rock solid.

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