`00' WR400

Wr 400

I'm working on a `00' WR400f and found a small hole in the ACV diaphram (The rubber part). Would this make the engine revs `hang up' like its sucking air and leaning out???

It starts in a coupla kicks and idles fine but if i apply any throttle it revs up and feels like its sucking air and wont go back to idle.

If i pull the choke on while its idling the revs increase as well.

Is there a o'ring/diapham kit available for the ACV and the AP???

The other thing i found was the rubber manifold between the carby and engine doesn't appear to be the right one. The manifold has locating tabs on each end but the carby end doesn't line up if i have the engine tab in the right place?? Anybody have one they can look at for me.


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Yes, having a hole in the diaphragm will screw up the idle making it run lean. With a hole or tear, you now have a vacuum leak.

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