Wanted-stock yz426 silencer

I just bought a 2001 wr426. Its the candian model so I cant remove the baffle. I was wondering if any of you yz owners had a stock yz silencer laying around that you would want to sell. Thanks.

I have a fmf mega max 2 for sale. It has removable discs for power changes.

Why are you selling it? How much? Were you happy with its performance? I was looking for stock to save money but Im open to other options.

There is nothing wrong with it. I just rather have the stock unit sense my kids ride my bike more than me. I can't see them trashing it when i have a stock one. I was trying to get 200.00 for it, it is only only a couple of months old and its a 425.00 muffler. Make me an offer its not doing any one any good setting in my garage and i don't want it.

I have a stock YZ pipe off a 2000 YZ426 In very good shape for $85+$15 US for shipping

$110+$15 with the header. (Nice having a spare)

Or an FMF Powercore IV in excellent shape, maybe a half dozen rides for $200 shipped.

This pipe makes some serious HP.

Paypal works for me.

There's a couple of options for you!



Hey, check with Elan......He has one posted several posts down from you. Scroll down and you will see it. I don't know if he sold it yet, but it's a silencer for an 01 426. :)

hey freshy what can you tell me about the power characteristics of the fmf vs the stock 2000. thanks

Well the seat of the pants "buttometer dyno" tells me the FMF makes more top then the stocker.The FMF has a Spark Arrester screen which I forgot to mention. If you are riding trails it seems to be a responsible necessity.

Both will run well with stock jetting but can stand to be fine tuned. Both pipes will awaken beast that is being stiffled by the CAD WR pipe.Night and Day! Flash factor,you have to give the nod to the FMF. Dollar to HP gain, the YZ OEM. Do you need a Spark Arrestor? FMF.


I have a stock 01426 pipe with only the initial start on it(1 or 2 minutes max). It was never ridden with that pipe on. I'd let it go for $200+shipping.

Lemme know,


hey freshy I think I want to buy that fmf, whats your email? If elan doesnt get back to me soon about his 01 stocker Im definately in.

Does anyone know how to get ahold of freshy?

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