Got me a WR450 !

Picked up a brand new 2011 on Friday night and spent the weekend tearing her down and installing the Yamaha AIS kit. Also greased everything. Took it out yesterday for a quick spin and breakin. Loving it so far. The next mods are rad. guards and hand guards. Any recommendations ??


I'm jealous you can actually ride this time of year. I have -30 degree weather with a lot of snow...

cycra and unibiker

Get a pipe. Putting an exhaust on a WR isnt like changing a perfectly fine exhaust system on a motocross bike. The WR silencer is very restrictive and doesnt detune the bike, it makes it run like crap. When you make it run like it should, the bike feels lighter because you have the power to wheelie over things

You can save a few pounds by finding a Ti spring from a older YZ. I know they didnt change much the past few years but to me your bike looks really good. Congradulatons Have fun

I have the Cycra ProBend CRM's on my '07. I love the coverage but they required a little "tweaking" on the right side near the master cylinder. As for radiator guards check these out from Mohard I have Flatlands on mine but I wish I would spent the xtra $$$ on these.

Did my first ride after all the free mods, AIS kit, Works connection rad cages, handguards, and modifiying the muffler some. I love it, has tons of power.





redrocketship (or anyone else who is interested) might be satisfied with your muffler mods you mentioned above....but I happened across a Leo Vince X-3 stainless steel full exhaust system on their close out website for $239 for the '07-2011 WR450s (yep...that's right $239). Free shipping and no tax (at least for where I live - Colorado).

Go to the x-3 combo sale section

Item 75018 is the full system for the WR450F ('07 - '11).

I was looking for system for some of my bikes on the closeout website....didnt find, but figured I would share with anyone on TT since the price seems so good. Not sure how many units they have. I did the LV full system on my '08 YZ450F and was really impressed by the quality and performance.

I have no affiliation with Leo Vince....just like to point out a bargain to the TT folks when I stumble across one.

I'm jealous you can actually ride this time of year. I have -30 degree weather with a lot of snow...

amen to that. Another 4 months to go... :smirk:

btw.. nice bike

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