99 YZ400F Exhaust Suggestions

I just bought a 99 YZ400F last week and got to play with it in the desert for the past couple days. I absolutely love it! Thanks to those of you who pointed me in the right direction for starting techniques - didn't have a problem starting it all weekend. My next question has to do with the exhaust. The bike came with an FMF Ti4 pipe. All busted up and way too loud. As a quick fix I bought a quiet insert for it which helped a bit but it's still way too loud. Obnoxious to have that in your ear for hours on end.

What's a popular brand/model exhaust for these bikes? Is there any particular brand that matches up better than the others? It will need to be USFS approved for some of the riding I do...

I got mine down to 90 db with stock muffler, I replaced the wool and put in two 1mm sheet metal plate shaped and placed like this inside the perforated pipe, I just spot welded them in..


There aren't too many options for pipes for that bike so I ended up ordering an FMF Q4 for it. Just got it in the mail last night so I'm anxious to put it on and try it out this weekend.

Got an fmf for mine too, i only put it on once its way to loud for me, and i dont need the power i might give.

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